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Jan 182017 Gossip

“Our Communique collection is a celebration of feminine individuality.” By Paul Stafford and the Stafford Hair Art Team

HAIR: Stafford Art Team @ wearestaffordhair – UK
Collection: Communique
Ph: Lee Mitchell @ leemitchellphotography
Make-up: DJ Griffin @ djgriffinmakeup
Styling: Sara O’Neill @saraoneillstylist makeup


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Jan 122017 Gossip

Youth full of new cuts, colours and styling – that’s the new Young Generation collection prepared by the Salon Petra Měchurová’s young generation or young guns if you will.

The young generation looks for inspiration not only around but also within themselves. It is the young ferocity and eagerness that lead them to higher goals and inspire their tendency to surpass given rules and typical trends. Only thanks to this the hairstylists reach a higher level and we can thus watch their growing-up through their collections.
The Young Generation collection leaves freedom and movement to the hair thus keeping them natural and only freshly energizing them with intriguing colour combinations. Basically nice firm hair are perfectly matched with bold details in cuts and colours that smoothly gradate up to extravagant style – even in men hairstyles.

HAIR: Anna Pavlicova, Jana Vratna, Jan Chvojka, Vierka Banasova, Zuzana Chromecková @ Salon Petra Mechurova – CZ
Collection: Young Generation
Ph: Nikola Srajerová
Make-up: Tomas Hemr
Styling: Lenka Pavlu
Production: Milan Dockal


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Jan 112017 Gossip

“POW is inspired by the Pop art movement, employing aspects of mass culture and challenging tradition. Explored in a modern context, a reaction to rapidly growing consumerism and social media frenzy. Referencing the imagery of Sigmar Polke and Roy Liechtenstein poignant female subjects that both objectified and honoured at the same time. A secondary reference for the collection is are the colour and intricate geometric patterns of African Shweshwe fabric. Paying homage to the traditional Sotho clothing and acknowledging the vital role that Africa has on Candice Wyatt-Minter hair design inspiration”. Candice Wyatt-Minter

HAIR: Candice Wyatt-Minter @ Wyatt Hairdressing – ZA
Collection: Pow
Ph: John Rawson
Make-up: Krassi Toma
Clothes: Black Coffee


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Jan 102017 Gossip

“I wanted to create a collection that showcased intricate shapes and weight distribution throughout the hair. Each model was photographed against a different coloured backdrop for an otherworldly feel.”
Nick Bland, Art Director, Haringtons

HAIR: Nick Bland @ Haringtons – UK
Collection: Orphic
Ph: Matthew Shave
Make-up: Celine Nonon


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Jan 052017 Gossip

CIRQUE is loosely based on the ringleaders and performers I used to see in circus as a child. I was an avid ‘carnie kid’ and would regularly attend circuses with my mum. I wanted to create my own circus, with all the characters in the collection playing a specific role and having a specific personality. When discussing this collection,I knew I specifically wanted the lighting, makeup and styling to have an abstract interpretation of what my circus performers and ringleaders would look like standing underneath the bright lights of the circus tent. The images are to be original, unique and unconventionally beautiful.

HAIR: Travis Bandiera – AU
Collection: Cirque
Ph: Daniel Knott
Make-up: Karina Marchetta
Stylist: Angela Liang


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Jan 032017 Gossip

HAIR: Kym Wyser – UK
Collection: Denim
Ph: Matt Brown
Make-up: Shaun Lavender
Assistants: Lucy Quinn & Molly Mcbride


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@Kym Wyse
Dec 302016 Gossip


HAIR: Huub Eysink – NL
Ph: Richard Monsieurs
Make-up: Juliette den Ouden
Styling: Sharon Eysink


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Dec 302016 Gossip


Campaign 21: fabulously feminine images, soft, tousled, touchable and designed to celebrate Racoon International’s 21st birthday. A luscious coming-of age-collection and the first to be created for the brand by its Creative Director, Andrew Barton, supported by the Racoon Artistic Team.

HAIR: Andrew Barton, Racoon International Creative Director – UK
Collection: Campaign 21
Ph: Jack Eames
Make-up: Lan Nguyen-Grealis
Clothes Stylist: Thea Lewis-Yates
Hair extension work: The Racoon Artistic Team


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Dec 292016 Gossip

HAIR: Peter Mellon – UK
Collection: Submerged
Ph: Matt Brown
Make-up: Kat Morgan


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Dec 282016 Gossip

The FUTURE DECO collection exerts rare brilliance as it creates classic lines and shapes to project true style. Shot in the grand Art Deco surroundings, it explores the vast architecture which surpasses the ordinary and produces striking imagery.

HAIR: Gary Ingham and the Gary Ingham Artistic Team – UK
Collection: Future Deco
Ph: John Rawson
Make-up: Lan Nguyen-Grealis
Clothes styling: Jared Green


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