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Nov 232018 Gossip


GLOBELife ti aspetta Domenica 25 e Lunedi 26 Novembre all ON HAIR SHOW and EXIBITION che si terra a Bologna, Quartiere Fieristico.
Saremo presenti allo Stand A31, Padiglione 36, ingresso Michelino.

Perche non devi mancare? All ON HAIR potrete assistere a due giorni di show con i piu grandi team artistici del mondo dell’hairstyling.

Non mancare, ti aspettiamo.

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Nov 232018 Gossip



Shot in the brand’s coveted Electric Studio, Neo Mod takes inspiration from 1960s Britain and the iconic British subculture of that period. Evocative of past fashion editorial, the models were captured in black and white, showcasing Electric’s signature look through a contemporary take on British nostalgia.

Collection: Neo Mod
Ph: Kenny McCracken
Make-up: Sean Chapman
Stylist: Stevi Jelbart


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Nov 222018 Gossip

The hairstylist was working with up-and-coming artist Alexandra Abraham and she was fascinated by the way she played with shape and colour. The hairstylist was inspired by her raw art and she wanted her collection to represent a true newcomer showcasing a youthful, expressive vibe.

Collection: Cartoon Vision
Ph: Jenny Hands
Make-up: Hannah Davies
Mask: Alexandra Abraham


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Nov 212018 Gossip

A cult of crazy fashion and petulance, living in a world where you look as good at 6am as you do at 6pm ! Fashion is their laboratory a place where they are encouraged and rewarded for their experimentation. They mix up precision hair cuts, cult shapes and popping colours, representing and individual style that ozzes cool.

Collection: Pop Kids
Ph: John Rawson
Make-up: Lan Grealis
Stylist: Marie McLeod, Madelena Jacobs


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Nov 202018 Gossip



la nuova macchina per una perfetta pulizia degli strumenti

DEADIVA, azienda specializzata nella produzione di accessori professionali per parrucchieri di Samarate (VA), è fiera di presentare il suo nuovo Double Cleaner.

DEADIVA infatti prendera parte alla fiera On Hair di Bologna, in programma il 24 e 25 Novembre 2018. Per l’occasione, verra presentato il nuovo Double Cleaner, la macchina innovativa con cui i professionisti potranno ottenere una completa pulizia di tutti gli strumenti di lavoro, dalle spazzole e i pettini alle forbici.

Guarda il Video

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Nov 202018 Gossip

Sara Piera


A collection that is inspired by the tenderness, delicacy and sweetness that human beings, sometimes, are capable of feeling and transmitting. They have used different colours in pastel tones for the hair, adding, as a contrast, straps of bright and energetic colours. This is the counterpoint that the Denuedo collection shows: value, energy, strength and decision combined with delicacy, sweetness and tenderness.

Collection: Denuedo
Ph: Esteban Roca
Make-up: Nacho Sanz
Stylist: Visori Fashionart


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