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Jun 172015 Gossip







In the course of our lives, we all come across art at some point. But what is art? What is creation? These are questions that the hairdressers in the Haute Coiffure Française design team are constantly pondering as they forge ahead with their avant-garde approach. This season, the design team is putting on a show that places these questions centre stage. “Come to Art”: asking creators the question of creation. (Hair: Sophie BAUCAIS- Jérémy BLANC- Laurent DECRETON- Véronique DUMAZET- Cyril FOURCADE- Laetitia GUENAOU- Eric ZEMMOUR)

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Jun 172015 Gossip

Sassoon Sassoon Sassoon Sassoon

Sassoon Sassoon Sassoon Sassoon

Inspiration: Youth is a mode. It’s an attitude. It’s engaged with newness. Experimental, changeable, rebellious and free, this collection celebrates distinctiveness.

Taking a ‘straight up’ photographic style as its theme, each cut and colour is designed as a bespoke creation and are as distinct as the wearers are eclectic. Each look is cut with precision using the Sassoon house codes, then subverted by finishing the hair in a looser fashion, almost as if the wearers had dressed it themselves.

Says Mark “I wanted to show how our proprietary methods can be absolutely tailored to the person to express their personality. I included the iconic flying hair imagery inspired by Richard Avedon, so that the cuts could be truly shown in motion. Of course I have a geometric approach to cutting, but the point is that the end result doesn’t have to be geometric. “Its the smallest details that create uniqueness.”

Hair: Mark Hayes @ Sassoon – UK
Collection: BHA collection – Youth Mode
Ph: Daniel McCourt
Make-up: Daniel Koleric
Styling: Lucie Perrier

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Jun 162015 Gossip


Looking for ideas to inspire younger clients this summer? Here there are some of the better red-carpet looks from the A-list to show you how to incorporate hair accessories for prom. Lupita Nyong’o gives a supersized bun a further detail with a jewelled ribbon wrapped around the base. Easy to replicate with trim from your local haberdasher. Brie Larson dresses up a loose, tousled bun with a glittering jewelled headband. The perfect blend of low-key hair with high-octane accessories. Kate Hudson rocks a topknot with a clip in jewelled comb – check out ASOS for similar. Georgia May Jagger pairs side-slung Hollwood waves with an oversized floral comb for an elegant look with a fun twist.


For a seriously statement look, choose something oversized like Rihanna’s glittering tiara worn over the top of a sleek hairstyle. A sleek satin turban is the perfect finishing touch to Olivia Wilde’s smooth and straight style. Fresh flowers always make an impact and Chrissy Teigen’s purple orchids are the perfect choice with her Hollywood waves – and she gets extra points for matching it to her lipstick. We’re getting warrior woman vibes from Zendaya’s studded headpiece, worn with swept-back simple waves.

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Jun 162015 Gossip


WestrowWestrow Westrow

The Westrow Artistic Team has unveiled its latest colour collection – Silent Fusion. Taking inspiration from the silent movies of the Twenties and Thirties and in particular actress Louise Brooks, the team used conceal and reveal colour techniques for a bold, strong, polished look that was softened to create an intricate finish. Hair was left silky and glistening, with luminous sheer panels of contrasting tones, creating hidden depths of colour within bold, beautiful haircuts.

Hair: The Westrow Artistic Team – UK
Collection: Silent Fusion
Ph: Paul Gill
Make-up: Sam Collins

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Jun 162015 Gossip


Building trusting relationship with clients is one of the cornerstones for a hairdresser and it is very important to earn the trust. 6 tips of Hugh Palmer, psychotherapist:

  • 1. Share your experience and encourage others to do the same: we all have different strengths and weaknesses.
  • 2. Keep it professional: be friendly to clients but be careful not to overstep the mark.
  • 3. Avoid controversial topics: initiating conversation about religion, politics or sex could result in awkwardness.
  • 4. Take baby steps: be cautious when it comes to giving brutally honest opinions until you know the client well and know that is what they want.
  • 5. Don’t get defensive: if a client is unhappy with their cut or colour, ask them to explain why rather than immediately defending yourself.
  • 6. Know when to stop: consider how your client reacts to your attempts to make conversation. Some people love to chat, whereas others may prefer to read a magazine or just relax in silence.
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    Jun 162015 Gossip

    Hair GroupHair GroupHair GroupHair GroupHair Group

    The Sally Montague Hair Group Art Team has unveiled its latest collection: Hair Chalk. Using hair as a canvas to experiment with colour, the team carefully crafted styles to accentuate flashes of chalk painted on sections of the hair.

    “The Hair Chalk collection embodies a fun element, using colour in the hair to make a personal statement. Hair Chalk allows clients to be more experimental and this collection is a showcase of the looks that can be achieved, from subtle streaks to bold blocks for a serious colour statement this season.”

    Hair: Sally Montague Hair Group Art Team – UK
    Collection: Hair Chalk
    Ph: Ewan Mathers
    Make-up: Sally Montague Hair Group
    Styling: Emmanuelle Montague-Sayers

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    Jun 162015 Gossip

    Marilyn Monroe

    It was a case of Stockport meets LA when key members of the head office team from Sexy Hair in the US travelled to the flagship store of Alan Howard to present to educators and sales reps. Making their way from sunny California to Stockport were Sexy Hair’s vice president international sales James Banville, director of corporate communications Sloane Lamartina and education manager Jenifer Pietrzak. The trio offered an insight into how Sexy Hair is perceived in the US, the impact of Marilyn Monroe as the brand’s ambassador and a sneak preview of some of the forthcoming launches in 2015. James told those attending that the plan was for 20% of sales each year to come from new product launches.

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    Jun 152015 Gossip

    Gino De StefanoGino De StefanoGino De Stefano

    Hair: Gino De Stefano – Italy
    Collection: Pantone
    Ph: Vincenzo Errico
    Make-up: Azzurra @ Gino De Stefano
    Stayling: Agnese @ Gino De Stefano
    Art Director: Gino De Stefano
    Color: Massimo @ Gino De Stefano

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    Jun 152015 Gossip

    Salon International

    With so much to see and do at Salon International, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start and how to make the most of your time at the event. But rest assured, it’s still the No1 destination for all hairdressing professionals and there are many great products and services, practical solutions and financial incentives you can benefit from whilst you’re at the show, ensuring you’re saving time as well as money, and that’s before we even start thinking about the education and inspiration available at every turn.

    Think of what you can achieve in just one day at Salon International:

    • Have your scissors sharpened by some of the most skilful craftsmen around.
    • Get shopping! Whether you’re buying in bulk or stocking up your kit bag, it’s a great place to buy.
    • Benefit from great at show offers and discounts.
    • See launches and innovations first hand and make up your own mind.
    • Try and compare product and equipment and see what work’s best for you and your clients.
    • Keep up to date with the masses of free education on offer.
    • Motivate yourself and your staff by taking them on a team day out.
    • Get inspired by your hairdressing heroes who’ll help you take the latest looks from catwalk to client.
    • Network with industry friends and peers and make new contacts.
    • Speak direct to your suppliers and give them your feedback.

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