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Jan 072015 Gossip

Toni and Guy teamToni and Guy teamToni and Guy team

Hair: The Best Club education by Toni&Guy team – UK
Collection: “THE MOD.CO”
Ph: Marco Craig
Make-up: Jennifer Bradburn
Stylist: Angelina Canale
Hair Concept: Toni&Guy team Toni Pellegrino, Alessandro Galetti, Angelo Rosauliana

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Dec 302014 Gossip


Study discloses development and future attractiveness of different social platforms

The business intelligence service L2 analysed the social investment and performance of brands across Western and APAC social platforms. In addition, L2 discloses the development of the different platforms and which ones will be lucrative channels in the future. L2 surveyed 382 brands and their activity on 17 platforms.

Brands are on an average of 7.5 platforms
On an average a brand resides on 7.5 platforms, as L2 reports. Most brands are present on 6 Platforms and all brands are on Facebook. 96% have an account on Twitter and 94% are registered on YouTube. 90% of the brands represent themselves on Instagram. Google+ and Pinterest with 79% and 75% are slightly behind. According to L2, APAC platforms like Sina Weibo (60%), WeChat (44%), and Youku (40%) are also interesting for international brands.

Brands on Instagram are most active
Burberry, Chanel, and Dior are in the top 20 percent for both followers and absolute engagement across all Western platforms where they are present, as L2 reports. With regard to engagement rate and absolute interactions, the picture and video platform Instagram sets itself apart from Facebook or Twitter. According to L2, the average absolute engagement on Instagram is twice that of Facebook despite being 15% percent of its size.

Chinese networks should not be underrated
In terms of global reach, Western platforms are leading. In Japan and Korea, Facebook has the largest reach, compared to native platforms. The exception is China. In China, where Western platforms are rendered mute, Sina Weibo dominates. The number of brands on mobile social commerce platform WeChat increased 26% in the past year (June 2013 to July 2014), the most of any platform East or West. Instagram follows with a growth of 18%.
According to L2, social commerce as a key word for social media as sales channel is a growing trend. Here an item is linked to a correspondent online shop via a “buy now” button. However, social commerce sales and conversion remain low, as L2 reports.

Not all platforms are steadily lucrative for brands
The brand and user activity on many platforms decreases, as L2 states. In the period from June 2013 to July 2014, 24 brands left Tumblr (-7%). Pinterest decreased 5% and YouTube decreased 2%. The engagement rate on Facebook is decreasing 13% year-over-year, as L2 reports. On Sina Weibo and on Instagram, the rate is -31%. Google+ records an engagement rate of even -98%. Audiences on Google+ brand pages are almost inactive.

Innovative platforms like Snapchat or Vine recorded a rapid growth of users after their launch. But it remains to be seen if the attention from either users or brands persists. Vine already lost 17% of active brand accounts in the period from June 2013 to July 2014.
Source: L2 Intelligence Report Social Platforms

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Dec 292014 Gossip


L'Oréal Professionnel - SERIOXYL


Obtenez plus de densité avec +1 700 cheveux en 3 mois* grâce à la Stemoxydine 5%, la 1ère molécule révélatrice de cheveux.
* étude clinique réalisée avec Denser Hair vs placebo sur 101 personnes.

Découvrez un cheveu instantanément plus épais, dès la première application, grâce à l’ Intra-Cylane™.

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Dec 242014 Gossip


Studio, ricerca e moda, in sintesi le parole che meglio descrivono “Tono su Tono Maison”, centro di bellezza situato nel cuore di Napoli: è qui che Luigi D’Amore offre vere e proprie lezioni di stile e professionalità, guidato dalla passione e dal desiderio di essere sempre al passo con la moda e le novità del settore.
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