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Apr 172019 Gossip

legge n.12/2019

Arriva l’obbligo di COMUNICAZIONE periodica al FISCO delle vendite di beni tramite piattaforme digitali.

Prima scadenza fissata nel mese di luglio 2019.

Le modalità attuative saranno definite con un provvedimento dell’Amministrazione Finanziaria.
L’OBBLIGO INFORMATIVO è richiesto con cadenza trimestrale.

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Apr 172019 Gossip


Lettera da una follower

Caro Parrucchiere,
navigando sul WEB e curiosando fra i vari siti mi sono accorta di una cosa “incredibile” !

Pochissimi, pochissimi Parrucchieri hanno un sito, qualcuno di più ha una pagina Facebook ma … ?!

Molti non indicano email o telefono !!!

È ASSOLUTAMENTE INUTILE comunicare in questo modo improprio perché le clienti vogliono
FACILITA’ DI CONTATTO con il loro Parrucchiere.

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Apr 162019 Gossip

analisi matematica e finanza

I Manager del settore dell’HAIRSTYLING di oggi sono forse bravi in analisi matematica e finanza ma non in “comunicazione”.

Non c’è Azienda che si tiri fuori dal coro: TUTTI stranamente tacciono e non comunicano al mercato.

Ma questa gente non IMPARA NIENTE dal quotidiano ?
L’esempio della POLITICA è significativo: ogni ora ( non ogni giorno ) c’è un RACCONTO POLITICO da comunicare, o un partito, o una proposta, o uno scontro, o una votazione, o uno scandalo, etc.

Tutto è POLITICA e volenti o nolenti ne siamo informati da TV, giornali, web.

Nel settore dell’alimentare, dall’automotive, del fashion succede la stessa cosa … e allora perchè non imparare dagli altri?

Un PO’ PIÙ DI UMILTÀ per favore ! … o forse è scoppiato il settore !!!

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Apr 162019 Gossip


MATTEINI, rivenditore/grossista specializzato nella vendita di prodotti e arredamento per parrucchieri ed estetiste, presenta insieme con la Confartigianato di Arezzo la nuova collezione Primavera/Estate di SAURO SARTOREL per L’Oreal Professionnel.

L’evento è ad INGRESSO LIBERO per tutti gli Acconciatori.
Lo Show avrà luogo lunedì 6 Maggio 2019 dalle ore 14:30 presso la Sala Conferenza Confartigianato di Arezzo.

Durante l’evento, oltre alla presentazione della nuova collezione Primavera/Estate, si avrà modo di assistere alle linee di taglio e look più richiesti.

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Apr 162019 Gossip

alterntive hair show 2019

ALTERNATIVE HAIR SHOW 2019 will take place on 6th October at EXCEL LONDON during SALON INTERNATIONAL.

Alternative Hair is a wonderful event continually celebrating and demonstrating the artistry of global hairdressing and is generously supported by the incredible artistic teams, industry sponsors, and global trade press.

The ARTISTIC TEAMS appearing in this year’s show are:

Anne Veck – UK
Carlo Bay – Italy
Dmitry Vinokurov – Russia
Ken Zhou – China
Rudy Mostarda
– Italy
Klaus Peter Ochs – Germany
Laszlo Hajas – Hungary
Marc Antoni – UK
Mikel Luzea – Spain
Raffel Pages – Spain
Saco – UK
Sanrizz – UK
Sassoon – UK
Tigi Creative Team – UK
Toni & Guy – UK

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Apr 152019 Gossip

oreal colour trophy

L’Oreal Professionnel has announced the names of the SEMI-FINALISTS for its annual L’Oreal Colour Trophy competition.

The first round of judging took place at L’Oreal Professionnel’s Academy in London.

The successful SEMI-FINALISTS have moved on to the next stage of the competition – the regional SEMI-FINALS, which started in March and finished on 10 April with the London Semi-final.

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Apr 152019 Gossip

dafydd thomas ghd

GHD PROFESSIONAL has named Dafydd Thomas as its NEW 
Global Head of Education.
He will lead the BRAND’S EDUCATION TEAM on all aspects
of training and education initiatives around the world.

Dafydd said: “The way the industry is looking to be educated has evolved. I look forward to spearheading the development of ghd’s education to ensure we are leading that change !”
Dafydd joined GHD three years ago as global education manager working on SHOWS, SHOOTS and SEMINARS.

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Apr 152019 Gossip

Manuel Mon


Avant-Garde has always been the way of innovation in hairdressing. Since the beginning of time has experienced and offered ways of expression that over time have taken root and have become trend and fashion. Today we have at our disposal two of the most powerful tools in history: our mind, and the digital universe. Any structure that we are capable of imagining can be translated into a language based on two simple numbers: 1 and 0. Two numbers, a system, an endless number of possibilities come true. The digital world makes reality all that our mind can create: Now freedom has 3 dimensions. Infinity is the limit.

Collection: Freedom 3D
Ph: Bernardo Baragaño
Make-up: María Montes
Stylist: Visori Fashionart
Model: Celia Fernández Sastre


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Apr 152019 Gossip

Salones Carlos Valiente


DONA is one of the most personal collections for Carlos Valiente so far. Its name means woman and in her, in woman and in women that surround him, he has been inspired to create this work. This collection is created to attract attention and shout the role of women in society, their sacred value and their independence. Hairdressing, makeup and styling come together to fight against injustice. A tangle of twisted sticks, like the pre-established ideas by society so that women do not speak “when they should not”. Hairstyles that emulate the feathers of the bird, which with its treacherous song does not let the woman listen to her sisters. Electric looks that lend themselves to disorder, consequence of each wounded woman. And textures that are embedded in the image as the spider web, extensive and too frequent, which is the suffering of all women. All the looks based on deep colours such as the different ranges of blue and navy and accompanied by a style that erases the natural forms of women to enhance their feelings, their interior. But this work not only denounces and screams, it also opens its arms and understands and explains by its author, Carlos Valiente, all the love it has received from the woman, from her women. Those that have formed and are part of his life to which he pays tribute in this collection.

Collection: Dona
Ph: Esteban Roca
Make-up: Nacho Sanz
Stylist: Visory Fashionart


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