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Oct 052015 Gossip
Lunedì 19 ottobre
ore 14:30 – 17:30
Grande presentazione della RIVOLUZIONARIA linea FOREVER YOUNG di Evoque. L’innovativa molecola protegge il capello dai danni derivanti dai trattamenti tecnici. Colorati o decolorati i capelli rimangono perfetti e bellissimi: per sempre giovani !
distributore di prodotti di bellezza
via Magenta 29, Gallarate (VA) – Tel 0331 793615
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Oct 052015 Gossip
GO WEST is a special project for cosmetic sector: the cosmetic market in America remains pretty much attractive to all the Italian companies that wish to expand their business beyond the European borders, in order to support their business growth. The path has been designed in particular for companies in the cosmetics sector. The segments involved are: skin care products, personal care products, health spa products, haircare and nailcare products, packaging for cosmetic products and cosmetic raw materials.
The participating companies to the project are:
Ceriotti is one of the worldwide leading company in the fieldwork of electrical items and furniture for hairdressers. It provides the professional operator of hair with the widest range of products for his work: Hair and Handryers, Climazones, Steamers, Sterilizers, Working and Washing units, Chairs and Reception furnitures. The whole Ceriotti’s collection is manufactured in Italy, exclusively using Italian or at least European components, which makes of its range one the highest for quality and reliability on nowadays world market. Besides, the continuous efforts aiming at innovations and research, marked its unmistakable profile, which has been enriching more and more over the years, allowing to reach today’s presence on all of the 5 continents’ markets.
Itely Hairfashion is specialized in creating and producing exclusive colors and cosmetic solutions for professional stylists. It’s a dynamic, dependable, reliable and sound Italian company whose strength is in color with a wide range of solutions that respect and protect the scalp and hair, enhancing the natural brilliance of healthy hair. Itely Hairfashion’s identity is in its “Culture”, meaning the essential toolkit of know-how and acquired practices that become a true Master Expertise asset. “Culture” means gathering and sharing information, resources and skills that create the actual corporate Experience and boost the Reputation.
Muster e Dikson is an Italian company that has been designing, producing and marketing equipments and products for hair-stylists and beauticians since 1965. Thanks to its wide and diversified production, Muster e Dikson can be undoubtedly considered as the “global manufacturer” in hairdressers professional field, offering to salon everything that is needed to offer to final customer best service and best performing products, appliances and tools.
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Oct 052015 Gossip

Stevo, David, Marko @ STEVO hair academyStevo, David, Marko @ STEVO hair academyStevo, David, Marko @ STEVO hair academy

Stevo, David, Marko @ STEVO hair academyStevo, David, Marko @ STEVO hair academyStevo, David, Marko @ STEVO hair academy

The NEO collection is characterized by an interplay of duality, the smooth forms of geometrically cut lines, freedom and the powerful expressions of the 1980s. It is a fusion of elegance and rebellious individuality. The colors present a combination of warm and cold and brighter and darker nuances.

Hair: Stevo, David, Marko @ STEVO hair academy – Slovenia
Collection: Neo
Ph: Nenad Cakic
Make-up: Branka Pavlovic
Styling: EricMatjash
Production: Tadej Causevic @ Photoart.si

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Oct 022015 Gossip

Nicola Fusco

È mancato NICOLA FUSCO uno degli uomini che hanno fatto grande il settore della coiffure. Nessuno nel nostro mondo commerciale ha creato dal nulla un’Azienda che oggi è fra le big del mercato: profumerie, ingrosso, marchi propri, concessioni, etc. Certamente però i figli sapranno continuare in questo percorso di crescita per fare sempre onore a un uomo così grande e avanguardista.

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Oct 022015 Gossip

HJ awards

Hairdressers Journal International announced 17 winners at the 2015 British Hairdressing Business Awards with a spectacular ceremony held at the Lancaster London Hotel, adjacent to Hyde Park. Recognising and rewarding the very best of British hairdressing businesses and industry professionals, each of the worthy winners will take their iconic trophy back to the salon as celebrations continue across the country.
2015 British Hairdressing Business Awards Winners:

  • Business Director of the Year:
    Andy Phouli, Rush Hair – Mark Woolley, Electric
  • Customer Care Award:
    Paul Edmonds, London
  • Franchisee of the Year:
    Sarah Kealy, Toni&Guy, Solihull
  • Front of House Team of the Year:
    Ego Hair Design, Inverness
  • Independent Salon – Business Newcomer:
    Hare and Bone, London
  • Innovation of the Year:
    Salon Media Screen, Epsom
  • Junior of the Year:
    George Joseph Curran, Errol Douglas, London
  • Male Grooming Salon of the Year:
    Andis The Company of Master Barbers, Southport
  • Manager of the Year:
    Scott Frazer-Halsey, Clipso, Watfor:
    Barrie Stephen Hair, Leicester
  • Salon Design Award:
    Hare and Bone, London
  • Salon of the Year 1:
    The Gallery Hair and Beauty, Tunbridge Wells
  • Salon of the Year 2:
    Hairven Salon, Nottingham
  • Salon Stylist of the Year:
    Kate O’Sullivan, Francesco Group, Stafford

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Oct 022015 Gossip

Uros Mikic @ Kinky Curly StraightUros Mikic @ Kinky Curly StraightUros Mikic @ Kinky Curly Straight

Uros Mikic @ Kinky Curly StraightUros Mikic @ Kinky Curly Straight

Inspired by my recent trip to New York I fell in love with the variety the streets of New York had on offer. The soft, the elegant, the tough and the edgy fashion, lifestyle and architecture. I wanted to play with NY variety and the different looks, forming them into strong structures and then deconstructing the looks to achieve softness and movement with a 1970s bohemian-inspired look. The cuts have an element of disconnect to create a strong feel while the styling keeps it feminine and soft. It was fun to also incorporate strong men’s barbering techniques like fading into the styling to achieve a harsh, edgy shape. The shapes were built with texture and volume to create bigger and fuller styles. I used a variety of curling techniques to achieve different textures which enabled me to mould into the desired shape. My Urban Queens wear soft subtle colours, sun-kissed highlights reminiscent of the sunny, easy-going 1970s bohemian days.

Hair: Uros Mikic @ Kinky Curly Straight – Australia
Collection: Urban Queens
Ph: Simon Cecere
Make-up: Andrea Damyon
Styling: Mojca Bizjak-Mikic

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Oct 022015 Gossip
La crociera è una vacanza di lusso: i pacchetti venduti dalle agenzie spesso considerano alcuni servizi di bordo come degli “extra” da pagare al di fuori della quota di soggiorno. Questo di solito accade anche per i servizi di parrucchiere di cui si può usufruire. Vero è che i parrucchieri scelti dalle grandi compagnie di navigazione sono professionisti molto quotati, ma lo stesso servizio che offrirebbero a terra su questi imperi galleggianti rischia di costare un po’ di più, fino al doppio. Chi vuole una vacanza di lusso pretende un servizio di qualità, senza badare al prezzo.
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Oct 012015 Gossip
YOUR COLOURS – TECNICHE di CROMOESTETICA è l’espressione della professionalità di SUSAN CAMPBELL, consulente e architetto dell’immagine oltre che vera autorità nel mondo della colorazione per capelli. Susan, grazie alla sua esperienza internazionale, ci spiega quali sono le tecniche che permettono, tramite l’uso del colore, la valorizzazione della nostra bellezza.
Clicca e scopri YOUR COLOURS !
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