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Nov 252016 Gossip


propone a migliore formazione per parrucchieri on line.

I video didattici mostrano tecniche di tagli e/o acconciatura step by step,
mentre lo speaker ti guida passo dopo passo nelle varie fasi della realizzazione.

Scarica subito il primo VIDEO CORSO GRATIS !

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@accademia hair style
Nov 242016 Gossip

INSPIRATION: The main inspiration for me was a movie I watched when I was 19. Nouvo Cinema Paradiso – The plot was set a few years after World War II. A Six-year-old boy Salvatore is the mischievous, intelligent son of a war widow. He discovers a love for films and spends every free moment at the movie house, Cinema Paradiso. Although they initially start off on tense terms, he develops a friendship with the fatherly projectionist, Alfredo, who takes a shine to the young boy and often lets him watch movies from the projection booth. During the shows, the audience can be heard booing when there are missing sections, causing the films to suddenly jump, bypassing a critical romantic kiss or embrace. The local priest had ordered these sections censored, and the deleted scenes are piled on the projection room floor. 40 years later and after the death of his mentor, Salvatore is given an unlabeled reel. He watches Alfredo’s reel and discovers that it comprises a very special montage. It contains all of the romantic scenes the priest had ordered cut from movies; Alfredo had spliced the sequences together to form a single film. Translated here through classic black and white, a sense of romanticism, provocation and freedom through hair design.

HAIR: Emiliano & Lisa Vitale @ é SALON – AU
Collection: Sinuous
Ph: Paul Scala
Make-up: Chereine Waddell
Styling: Jonathan Ailwood


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Nov 242016 Gossip

“Like a well tailored suit that has precise lines and a classic shape meant to fit the individual, the haircuts and styles in this collection do the same. Each cut has precision lines and geometric shapes suited for the model’s features…”

HAIR: David Barron @ Barron’s London Salon – USA
Collection: Tailored Lines
Ph: John Rawson
Make-up: Lan Nguyen-Grealis
Clothes Styling: Marika Page & David Barron


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Nov 232016 Gossip

Jason Hall Jason Hall Jason Hall

Jason Hall Jason Hall

Hair: Jason Hall – UK
Collection: BHA
Ph: Desmond Murray
Make-up: Kelly Cripps
Styling: Alastair J Gourley
Models: Colours Agency


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@jason hall
Nov 222016 Gossip

Ryan Forsythe @ Trevor Sorbie Ryan Forsythe @ Trevor Sorbie Ryan Forsythe @ Trevor Sorbie Ryan Forsythe @ Trevor Sorbie

“A story of good guys trying to look bad, with a forced arrogance and “don’t care” attitude, in a vain attempt to be the coolest ‘players’ on the street. Each style comes with a sense of rebellion and tells its own story; from an angry rugged fringe or wild Afro texture, to a Bowie-esque sweep and a fierce samurai topknot.”

HAIR: Ryan Forsythe @ Trevor Sorbie – UK
Collection: Players
Ph: Davide Sometti
Make-up: Philippa Miles


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Nov 222016 Gossip


2017, heralds a new opportunity for hairdressers from all over the world to hone their skills and develop their creativity as the new Rush Academy opens in the heart of Covent Garden, London.

For over 20 years, Rush have pushed the boundaries of ingenuity, producing inspirational and ground-breaking award winning photographic collections backed up by producing creative techniques in cutting, colouring and styling hair.

The Rush Academy will share with attendees, their philosophy of strength and movement along with hosting an array of courses suitable for all, from fledgling hairdressers to the most innovative creative stylist or colour technician.

The team at the new academy will be led by the best in the business, Rush International Artistic Director, Andy Heasman, Rush International Colour Director, Chris Williams and Rush Editorial Director, Tina Farey. All three individuals are part of the extensive Rush Artistic Team who have developed and created each of the courses provided to all students attending the Rush Academy.

There’s something for everyone at the new academy, with a comprehensive programme ranging from one-day courses in cutting, colour and editorial work to a six-month beginners course and everything else in between.

The last word must go to Rush co-founders, Andy Phouli and Stell Andrew, “When we opened our first Rush salon, we dreamed of opening a training academy to share with other hairdressers our passion, ideas, inspiration and philosophy. Our dream has now become a reality and we are delighted to welcome hairdressers from around the world into the Rush Academy to provide them with the highest standards of hairdressing education available in a state of the art environment which encourages creativity.”

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Nov 222016 Gossip
“Ogni tuo successo ti crea un nemico; per essere simpatico occorre essere mediocre.”

Oscar Wilde

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Nov 212016 Gossip

bar dal parrucchiere

Il Salone di Parrucchieri ha il bar: l’idea arriva dagli Stati Uniti ma si è già diffusa anche in Europa.
A Londra, nel quartiere Chelsea, Yulia Rorstrum ha lasciato un lavoro nella City per aprire il suo Duck&Dry, ispirata da un viaggio a New York.

Bastano 30 minuti per un’acconciatura e nell’attesa il cliente degusta, seduto al bar, prosecco e stuzzichini, rilassandosi.

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