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May 242017 Gossip

globelife - l'oreal

Commenting on the figures, Mr Jean-Paul Agon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of L’Oréal, said: “The cosmetics market has unexpectedly proven extremely atypical in the first weeks of the year, with very strong consumption of luxury products, especially in Asia, and, on the contrary, a very slow start for consumption in the mass-market and the professional market. The market seems to have become steadier and is returning to a more usual profile. In this context, the Group delivered a good first quarter, up by +7.5% based on reported figures and +4.2% like-for-like. Performance levels are consequently very differentiated across the Divisions, with outstanding growth for L’Oréal Luxe, a satisfactory start for Active Cosmetics, moderate growth for Consumer Products despite market share gains, and a slight drop for Professional Products.

North America has recorded particularly strong double-digit growth at the end of March, with strong momentum for all brands, and is strengthening its presence with the acquisition of CeraVe, finalised in early March. First-quarter growth amounted to +2.8% like-for-like and +1.6% based on reported figures. Growth is particularly strong in the United Kingdom, Spain and Germany, but sales in France are still being held back by a market that remains difficult. The Consumer Products and L’Oréal Luxe Divisions are significantly outperforming their respective markets.

Asia, Pacific: the Zone is growing by +7.1% like-for-like and +8.9% based on reported figures. In Northern Asia, Hong Kong has returned to dynamic growth, thanks to L’Oréal Luxe whose strong growth is spreading to all the Northern countries, with the performances of the Lancôme, Yves Saint Laurent and Giorgio Armani brands. In Southern Asia, growth remains dynamic, driven by Australia, Thailand and Indonesia, where the Consumer Products Division is posting good results thanks to the Garnier and NYX Professional Makeup brands.

Latin America: the Zone reported growth of +4.6% like-for-like and +16.1% based on reported figures. Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay reported double-digit growth, driven by the strong performance of the Consumer Products Division make-up brands NYX Professional Makeup, Maybelline, Vogue and L’Oréal Paris. SkinCeuticals, Vichy and La Roche-Posay all contributed to the growth of Active Cosmetics. In Brazil, the market remains challenging.

Eastern Europe: the Zone reported growth of +12.7% like-for-like and +23.2% in reported figures. Growth was positive in all countries in this Zone, with strong growth in Russia, Poland and Turkey. All the Divisions are contributing to growth, particularly L’Oréal Luxe thanks to Urban Decay and Yves Saint Laurent make-up. The Consumer Products Division is winning market share in make-up and hair colour, thanks to Magic Retouch by L’Oréal Paris. Lastly, the Professional Products Division is growing with Smart Bond by L’Oréal Professionnel and the continuing dynamism of Matrix.

The Body Shop recorded growth of +2.3% like-for-like and -1.4% based on reported figures. The United Kingdom, Canada and Indonesia grew robustly and Hong Kong showed signs of recovery. Saudi Arabia remains challenging. Skincare continues to grow strongly, boosted by the launch of an innovative range of Peel skin cleansers and the success of Recipes of Nature masks.

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May 232017 Gossip

globelife - hair brasil

Hair Brasil – Feira Internacional de Beleza, Cabelos e Estética – principal evento de negócios, lançamentos, atualização profissional e networking do mercado de beleza da América Latina – encerra sua 16ª edição com importantes números: 70% de crescimento nos inscritos nos eventos educacionais, a grande novidade com as oficinas práticas (colorimetria, corte, penteados e alongamento, make up, unhas, barbearia e cachos), 18% de crescimento em marcas de maquiagem e 80% de crescimento em produtos para o segmento de barbearia.

Segundo Jeferson Santos, diretor da Hair Brasil, o evento atendeu a todas as expectativas. “Durante quatro dias, recebemos cerca de 44 mil visitantes únicos , que geraram 90 mil visitas de profissionais vindos de todos os Estados do Brasil, o que confirma o otimismo do setor e a expectativa de crescimento de mais de 2%, no consumo do varejo de beleza para esse segundo semestre.” A feira, que é uma importante plataforma para a realização de negócios, onde os expositores encontram o local ideal para o lançamento de seus produtos e serviços, recebeu, além de visitantes vindos de todos os Estados brasileiros, compradores de países como: América Latina, América Central, Estados Unidos, Europa, Arábia Saudita, África do Sul, entre outros.

Um dos destaques dessa edição foi a procura por produtos voltados barbearias. Das 900 marcas expositoras, 35% ofereceram um mix exclusivo de itens para esse mercado, que vem crescendo a cada ano. “Nos últimos cinco anos, o segmento de produtos masculinos cresceu 16%, é o segundo maior consumidor do mundo, atrás apenas dos Estados Unidos”, ressalta Jeferson Santos. Há 16 anos no mercado, a Hair Brasil é a maior vitrine da indústria de beleza profissional e vem contribuindo para o crescimento e desenvolvimento desse importante setor que se renova, assim como a feira, a cada edição.

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May 232017 Gossip

globelife - l'oréal

Per il photocall del film Fortunata, di cui è protagonista, Jasmine Trinca ha sfoggiato un raccolto spettinato creato per lei da Roberto D’Antonio. Il look è caratterizzato da volume frontale e da ciocche raccolte sulla nuca che mettono in risalto le schiariture dei capelli dell’attrice.

globelife - valeria golino

Per il red carpet serale, Jasmine Trinca ha scelto di portare i capelli sciolti caratterizzati da un movimento morbido, invece Valeria Golino, per la cena ufficiale Kering, ha scelto di sfoggiare il suo natural look nella versione più glamour possibile. Roberto D’Antonio ha creato per lei un Curl Bowl, fra gli it looks di L’Oréal Professionnel per il 2017, è una cascata di ricci scomposti creati con l’aiuto di un ferro conico dal diametro molto piccolo e caratterizzati da un finish super brillante.

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May 232017 Gossip

L’Oréal – President Jean-Paul Agon

 L’Oréal ha chiuso il 2016 con ricavi per 25,84 miliardi, in crescita del 2,3% a cambi correnti o del 5,1% a tassi costanti rispetto al 2015.

L’utile operativo si è attestato a 4,8 miliardi in rialzo del 3,3%, mentre l’utile netto è calato del 5,8% a 3,1 miliardi di euro.
Questo calo è stato generato a causa delle svalutazioni decise su due marchi annunciate nel secondo trimestre dell’anno.

“L’Oréal ha chiuso un altro buon anno – ha commentato il presidente e AD Jean-Paul Agon – in un mercato della cosmesi favorevole, L’Oréal ancora una volta ha potenziato la propria leadership, grazie alle quote di mercato in aumento nelle principali tre aree geografiche dove opera. Tutte le divisioni hanno vantato vendite in progresso”. In particolare la divisione L’Oréal Luxe, che ha rafforzato la propria posizione, con un progresso del fatturato del 6,9 per cento.

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May 232017 Gossip


According to the super-talented Trevor Sorbie team who know a thing or two, there is a huge market for speed for a significant market. With uncompromised skills and techniques mastered under pressure from photoshoots and on stage and backstage work, the team at Trevor Sorbie have created Rapid Results a brand new and exciting course that will educates cut and colouring techniques for well…..rapid results.

These techniques will be fast but effective ways of creating current, wearable styles in 2017. All techniques will be transferable, in a way that allows them to be executed in a bolder, innovative way, for shooting collections, live stage work, and are just as easily softened for salon friendly hairdressing. All the ideas on the course will be 15 – 20-minute concepts that are perfect for those time-pressured clients.

TO BOOK: EMAIL education@trevorsorbie.com

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May 232017 Gossip

globelife - staff

In the latest issue of the ‘Consumer Barometer’, the IFH institute for retail research in Cologne, and financial consultants, KPMG, take a look at ‘Customer Centricity’ and, thus, the question of which factors determine whether customers feel themselves to be at the centre of a company’s concerns. For the study, 500 people across Germany were polled in an online survey. The central finding was that it is, above all, the retailers, who are big on helping their customers with appropriate advice, who care about quality and who go out of their way to be obliging, that are most appreciated by customers.

According to IFH Köln, it is ‘absolutely vital’ for 51 % of respondents to get individual help and advice when making a purchase. Almost as many consumers (47 %) expect a customer-centred company’s sales staff to be available quickly to deal with their requests. Doubtless because of these factors, 72 % of respondents feel themselves better served at high-street retailers. “The staff are often a crucial factor in a company’s success at making customers feel that a company cares about them. At the same time, it is important for sufficient staff to be available and for them to be able to advise customers competently and on an individual basis. Retailers should, therefore, invest in their advisory and service provision, in order to meet customer’s expectations in this regard,” says Dr. Kai Hudetz, Chief Executive of IFH Köln. “When we talk about customer centricity, people want excellence across all channels: more than four out of five consumers expect information and communication independent of the particular sales channel. Currently, three quarters of consumers feel themselves to be better served, in terms of customer centricity, at a high-street retailer’s,” says Mark Sievers, Head of Consumer Markets at KPMG.

Alongside individual advice and rapid availability of staff, there are two other key factors that head the list of major criteria for customer centricity. For 69 % of respondents it is the quality of the product and services that is crucial. An obliging returns policy and returns options were important issues for 62 % of the consumers in the sample.

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May 232017 Gossip

globelife - henkel

With the acquisition of the hair care company, Henkel further strengthens its hair professional business. Consumer goods company Henkel is to take over the hair care company Nattura Laboratorios, with head offices in Guadalajara, Mexico, together with concomitant companies in the USA, Columbia and Spain. Henkel reports that the deal includes some leading brands in the professional hair care market, including Pravana and Tec Italy.

“The high-performance and high-quality brands of Nattura Laboratorios are a perfect fit for our Beauty Care business. They will complete our Hair Professional Colorants core category and will reinforce Henkel’s global No. 3 position in this business. Moreover, this transaction will provide a platform for further growth in the attractive Latin American market”, says Pascal Houdayer, Executive Vice President and responsible for Henkel’s Beauty Care business.

“This acquisition is part of our strategy to strengthen our position in attractive markets and categories. We will expand our Hair Professional business in Mexico and further leverage our brand portfolio in the US hair professional market”, explains Hans Van Bylen, Henkel CEO.

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May 222017 Gossip


    • Funzionano poco.
    • Costano molto.
    • Non sono aggiornabili facilmente.


il giro d’affari e l’organizzazione del Salone diventa intuibile per tutti, rendendo pubblico l’affare (incasso).


Quindi?? I vantaggi sono pochi (e solo per la cliente).

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May 222017 Gossip

globelife - micropigmentazione

A simple vista, esta técnica simula el nacimiento del pelo en el cuero cabelludo. Es apta para cualquier persona, sobre todo aquellas que sufren alopecia y no se pueden someter a microinjertos e intervenciones capilares similares. Famosos como Vin Diesel, Jamie Foxx, Matt Damon y David Beckham se han apuntado a la moda de las cabezas rasuradas. Este look rejuvenece a la mayoría de los usuarios que padecen alopecia u cualquier otro proceso de caída del cabello irreversible. Para ello, se sirven de la micropigmentación capilar: una técnica que inyecta pigmentos bajo la piel del cuero cabelludo en las zonas frontal y parietal. Los pigmentos se introducen mediante microagujas impulsadas de manera mecánica, por lo tanto se evitan molestias y posibles contaminaciones resultado de la manipulación manual.

Técnicas como la micropigmentación capilar se deben suministrar bajo una serie de garantías. Como la ausencia de cambios de color, migraciones y cualquier otro resultado indeseado. El punteado capilar se puede prolongar durante un promedio de dos a tres años, sin que se aprecien variaciones de forma (dilataciones) o de color. Transcurrido este plazo, es difícil que el color del punteado permanezca uniforme. En el caso que se pierda tono u aspecto uniforme, será precisa una sesión de mantenimiento que restaure los micropigmentos. No obstante, las características de la piel y los pigmentos empleados determinarán la mayor o menor duración de la técnica.

Algunas fuentes aconsejan esta técnica a personas cuya pérdida de densidad capilar impide la implantación de microinjertos que podrían dañar el cabello existente en la zona. Otras fuentes la recomiendan como complemento a la cirugía. En estos casos, se aplicaría para cubrir, desde un punto de vista óptico, aquellas áreas del cuero cabelludo poco pobladas o densas tras la inserción de microinjertos.

La micropigmentación capilar está indicada para hombres y mujeres. Entre los primeros, figuran los individuos con alopecia demasiado avanzada que dificulta el éxito de un trasplante capilar. Entre las segundas, la técnica es una alternativa válida para disimular áreas alopécicas, donde se aprecia menos densidad capilar. En hombres se precisan tres sesiones, de media, para obtener el efecto de cabeza rasurada. En mujeres se necesitan cuatro sesiones, de media, para lucir una cabeza más densa. En función de la zona a trabajar, la sesión puede durar entre una hora y media y tres horas. El tratamiento no suele dejar secuelas relevantes en los pacientes. En algunos casos, se puede observar un leve enrojecimiento o alguna pequeña pústula que desaparece en dos o tres días. En un principio, el pigmento se aprecia más oscuro. Transcurridas cuatro semanas, aparece el color definitivo que se debería parecer al tono de la piel.

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May 222017 Gossip

Achara significa “Destino” en la milenaria cultura asiática. La colección “Achara” es un reflejo de mí misma, inmersa en una intensa búsqueda de mi propio destino. Es, sin duda, la colección con la que siento más conexión con mi misión e identidad. En Achara recreo mi particular visión de la peluquería de vanguardia actual. He trabajado diferentes tipos de trenzados sobre colores, la mayoría de ellos naturales, creando formas y volúmenes que aportan una imagen de vanguardia, sin excesos, aunque minuciosamente elaborada. Achara es una colección que muestra a la mujer que forja su propia ventura, llevando las riendas de su vida con determinación y sabiduría. Una mujer que está mucho más cerca de saber quién es y lo que quiere, levantándose y aprendiendo en cada batalla, disfrutando del viaje y de los destellos del destino.

Hair: Mayte Garrote & Different Estilistas – España
Collection: Achara
Ph: David Arnal
Make-up: Alex Alva
Stylist: Eunnis Mesa


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