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Nov 162017 Gossip

haircollection Ethos Creative Team


Ultra Texture’ is the result of a collaboration with clothing designer Emma Beach and her label at Trouble At Mill. The inspiration came from textile designer and painter Sonia Delaunay. Famous from her involvement in the ‘Orphism’ movement, a type of Cubism, her textiles were mainly patchwork. This and paneling mixed with glossy and metallic fabrics was the perfect accompaniment for this collection of matte, coarse and textured looks created by backcombing and compressing the hair. Though very modern, these images evoke 20’s bohemian Paris.

Collection: Ultra Texture
Make-up: Racquella Cass
Styling: Ailsa McLaggan
Art Direction & Production: Adam M Bryant
Styling: Trouble At Mill, Manchester


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Nov 162017 Gossip

haircollection Silas Tsang @ Blushes


The representation of minimalism displayed through this collection strips hair culture to its basic ingredients. Taking everything away highlights the depth of hair itself; displaying different textures, shapes, and movements. It’s a bare image of hair defining itself.

Collection: Stripes
Ph: John Rawson @ www.therawsonpartnership.net
Make-up: Lan Grealis Clothes
Styling: Jared Green
Colour: Dorothy Tsang @ Blushes


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Nov 152017 Gossip

haircollection èSalon

WHITE NOISE presents a futuristic vibe, highlighted by a gritty fashion edge with tones of Jean-Paul Gaultier, and bound together with an over-arching theme of metallic and highlighted by definitive dimension and strength. Drawing inspiration from the desire to work with different fibres and metallic materials, WHITE NOISE delivers a tough, yet mildly ethereal subtext, with white and metallic presenting a perfect juxtaposition of softness and toughness. Structure and form inspire the hair with braids, cuts and metal threading incorporated throughout. The use of metallic materials such as nails and metal rings highlight futuristic elements and strength in each image. The use of metals emphasizes texture and shine, delivering another dimension to the hair, while the metallic theme is weaved throughout the makeup.

Collection: White Noise
Ph: Robert Lobetta
Make-up: Cathy Geeves
Stylist: Emma Cotterill
Post production: Kay Lobetta


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Nov 142017 Gossip

raffel pages


Ph: David Arnal @ Raffel Pages
Make-up: Raffel Pages

El ser humano ha sentido siempre una irrefrenable curiosidad para la vida en el futuro. Las innovaciones tecnológicas son parte natural de nuestro día a día y la realidad virtual se ha vuelto parte de nuestra vida cotidiana y disuelve la línea entre la realidad y la ficción. NO.ON se inspira en la relación del hombre con la tecnología, esta delgada línea entre lo real y lo virtual, donde la belleza explora el pasado para reinventar el futuro, lo tradicional con la experimentación… Dos direcciones opuestas hasta encontrar el equilibrio perfecto y sentirnos integrados en esta realidad del Siglo XXI, donde cualquier cosa es posible. NO.ON nos trae para el cabello, cortes y texturas más compactos y simétricos, líneas rectas y estructuradas, mezcladas con texturas de acabados más imprecisos que nos dan el movimiento y la ligereza, sin perder la feminidad y la estética urbana. En cuanto al color, los tonos de la ciencia y el cosmos nos ofrecen una oportunidad para la experimentación y la creación de una nueva imagen de poesía futurista, con los colores de la paleta de tonos fríos y mates, revitalizados por tonos más vibrantes y energéticos.


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Nov 142017 Gossip

mio sota


Ph: John Rawson
Make-up: Melissa Musseau

“SURFACING, a collection with a difference – Haunting, heartbreaking, moving, and empowering. Inspired by complete strangers I have met and their incredible stories that they were brave and kind enough to share with me…. all their stories were heartbreaking, yet the storytellers were so powerful, inspiring and just so beautiful showing strength & hope. I wanted to create something to show my deepest gratitude, something that anybody who saw my collection for the first time, would get a similar feeling I felt when I met these storytellers along the way. Haunting, heartbreaking, moving, and empowering. The body paint reflects the hardships we experience, sometimes feeling like those days will never end. But there will come a day, where we can open our eyes and breath, and see no darkness, only beauty, even if it’s for a glimpse of a moment”.


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