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Dec 012017 Gossip

The force of nature has been on this occasion the engine to fuel this new collection. It was in the Nordic landscapes where the hairstylist found the likeness to his new proposal: the likeness between the strong northerly wind and the movement of the hair; the likeness between the northern lights, the ice, the fire, the deep forests and the shades of color. The models are strong women; the stand for their own style and they mark this new fashion trend. In the styling, he has opted for organic tissues which are versatile on the movement and for neutral colors of clothing to give more prominence to the hair. He proposes more elongated silhouettes, with more hair necks, broken styles and paraded to emphasize movement. The color will be the key of this new proposal, cold tones ranging from silver gray to turquoise; and warm tones from cold coppery to subdued red.

Collection: Boreal
Ph: Mikel Muruzabal
Make-up: Arturo Nuez
Stylist : Marco PM
Models: Bea, Lucia, Ivi, Soraya, Irene
Producer : Andoni Guillén
Video: Miguel Goñi


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Dec 012017 Gossip



The Vikings TV Series staring Kathryn Winnicks inspired this collection as well as the culture of Shield maiden warriors in Nordic and Germanic myth and legend, where it was common for women to fight alongside their men. Both cultures worshipped multiple gods, Thor, Odin, yet had a deep respect for the Earth that provided them with life. “Pagan” features defined shapes, natural colours, texture, braiding and roping focusing on strong women with a warrior’s spirit.

Collection: Pagan
Ph: Kerry O’Sullivan
Make up: Judy O’Sullivan
Styling: Jess Wilcock


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Dec 012017 Gossip

globelife trevor sorbie

Non accade tutti i giorni di vedere una leggenda dell’hairstyle al lavoro che chiacchiera e dà consigli ai visitatori, ma è esattamente ciò che è successo. Non solo era possibile vedere il suo show dal vivo, ma nella Legend Lounge era possibile chiacchierare e discutere della propria carriera a lungo.

Questa opportunità è stata particolarmente apprezzata dai proprietari di saloni che tentano di emulare le brillanti carriere dei propri idoli.  Al Salon Live, TREVOR SORBIE è ritornato dopo 10 anni sul palcoscenico col suo Artistic Team dichiarando: “Non vogliamo mostrarvi tecniche. Vogliamo farvi capire come ci ispiriamo cosicchè possiate prendere spunto per creare qualcosa di unico con i vostri clienti.”

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Dec 012017 Gossip

gabona offerte

Ecco le Super Offerte del giorno su alcuni marchi!


Equave IB Hydro Nutritive Conditioner – 200ml –  €3,81
Equave IB Hydro Volumizing Conditioner – 200ml –  €5,91
Equave Intragen Sebum Balance Shampoo – 125ml –  €7,60 
Uniq Coconut Hair Treatment – 150ml – €4,80
Uniq One Super 10R Mask- 300ml- €5,38

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Dec 012017 Gossip

aldo forte mousse

Da ALDO FORTE, noto rivenditore di prodotti professionali per parrucchieri di Napoli, è possibile trovare la nuova Curl Mousse Strong: una schiuma estremamente facile da distribuire che permette di realizzare e dare forma a qualsiasi tipo di acconciatura.

Questa mousse dona fissaggio e sostegno ai capelli non tralasciando il fattore brillantezza e protezione dagli agenti esterni. Adatta a tutti i tipi di capelli si può utilizzare sia su capelli asciutti che bagnati per dare forma all’acconciatura.

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Dec 012017 Gossip


At a glamorous awards ceremony held within the prestigious Grosvenor House Hotel, a J W Marriot Hotel on Park Lane, the industries most loved hairdressing team, RUSH, were crowned this years Artistic Team of the Year.
For four decades Hairdressers Journal International’s British Hairdressing Awards, dubbed the Oscars of the industry, has been raising the bar, and the profile of the talented, brightest lights in the booming industry that is hairdressing. This year, the awards were compared and presented by the nations favourite blonde, Cat Deeley with entertainment from the ever so fabulous BoyzLife, with the 1800 strong guests celebrating the best in the hairdressing industry.
The RUSH Artistic Team are one of the industries most loved teams, with their passion and commitment to their craft second to none. The team produced a collection of four images to the first round judging, and were named as a finalist within the category alongside 5 other fantastic teams. Entering their second 4 images to complete their collection of 8, the team wait anxiously for the big event, where they were crowned Artistic Team of the Year.

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Nov 302017 Gossip

westrow yorkshire

Award-winning Yorkshire salon group, Westrow, has celebrated 30 years in business. Established in 1987 by Steve Rowbottom and Marc Westerman, the group now boasts 11 salons located across Yorkshire and an educational academy in the heart of Leeds city centre. Innovation and a flexible approach to the industry have made sure the company is going from strength to strength 30 years later.

The company flies the flag for Yorkshire on a national and worldwide level. Recognised as a fast growing salon group, it is an exemplar of a business that has stayed true to its principles and retained a clear focus on growth, profitability and the development of its 150-strong team. Westrow places great emphasis on the development of its staff, recognising the vital role that they have in meeting and exceeding customer expectations and driving the performance of the business.

The company has enjoyed recent success, including 40 appointments, and three high-profile industry awards this year alone. This included scooping up the prestigious Business Directors of the Year Award at the British Hairdressing Business Awards in September. Not only did they win the top award of the night, but they also secured their spot in the British Hairdressing Awards Hall of Fame. This is one of the highest accolades in hairdressing and achieving a place is a rarity in the industry, and a first within this category. To be inducted, hairdressers must win the same category three times – a huge testament to the duo’s enduring passion for their craft.

This growth has been based on the company’s ability to respond to its customers’ needs and provide hairdressing services that are underpinned with passion and creativity.

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