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Dec 052017 Gossip

haircollection KateEarl


The Vikings TV Series staring Kathryn Winnicks inspired this collection as well as the culture of Shield maiden warriors in Nordic and Germanic myth and legend, where it was common for women to fight alongside their men. Both cultures worshipped multiple gods, Thor, Odin, yet had a deep respect for the Earth that provided them with life. “Pagan” features defined shapes, natural colours, texture, braiding and roping focusing on strong women with a warrior’s spirit.

Collection: Pagan part 2
Ph: Kerry O’Sullivan
Make up: Judy O’Sullivan
Styling: Jess Wilcock


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Dec 052017 Gossip

crisi aziende

Le aziende sono in crisi! ..Non di prodotti, ma di strategia! Quasi nessuna azienda in questo momento sta sostenendo il lavoro professionale del parrucchiere, nessuna lo aiuta a proporre servizi e idee moda alla cliente, nessuna sta cercando di spingere la donna a recarsi in salone! Tutti cercano solo di vendere prodotti che poi fanno fatica ad essere utilizzati e rivenduti, tutti lasciano che il parrucchiere se la sbrighi da solo!

Oggi le aziende sono concentrate a organizzarsi con l’e-commerce, invece di affrontare i problemi del settore.

Ovviamente, come risaputo, il parrucchiere, che non è mai stato un gran venditore di prodotti, nè di servizi fa fatica a contrastare quello che succede nel mercato: prezzi bassi dei cinesi, fai da te, prodotti professionali venduti a prezzi stracciati nei vari siti, lavoro in nero a casa, etc.

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Dec 052017 Gossip

The Private Night collection is dedicated to the most delightful facets of autumn and winter: the long, impassioned nights with an abundance of festive occasions in both private and social settings. Its mood reflects mystery, because the night – much like every woman – holds many secrets, and only reveals its undiminished beauty to the attentive observer. The collection’s core message is: Every evening is full of elegance and every night is imbued with abandon to the enchantment of beauty. Every evening bears at least one moment of solitude, an intimate moment you experience all to yourself. We attempted to capture these moments and make them visible.

Collection: Private Night
Ph: Hilde van Mas
Outfits: Lena Hoschek Dollhouse Collection and Thomas Kirchgrabner
Set design and set styling: Thomas Kirchgrabner


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Dec 052017 Gossip

A Bohemian attitude is the order of the day for this dynamic collection . Underpinned by the individuality vibe, it takes inspiration from confidence and non-conformity and elements within each style take look into its own level of uniqueness.

Collection: The Individualists
Ph: Yulia Gorbachenko
Make-up: Anastasia Durasova
Colour: Luisa Gonzalez
Clothes Styling: Sandy Armeni


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Dec 042017 Gossip


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Dec 042017 Gossip

This collection took inspiration from the street styles we see across Blue Tit’s salons. She wanted the shoot to be raw, using the beautiful braiding and model’s character to portray strength and creativity.

Collection: Afro Punk
Ph: Kim Lang
Make-up: Lidia Patrizia
Styling: Bongeka Dube
Model: Rudy Monroe


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Dec 042017 Gossip

british hairdressing award

The best of British hairdressing talent was celebrated at this year’s British Hairdressing Awards. Hairdressers Journal International celebrated the very best of home-grown hairdressing talent at the British Hairdressing Awards.

The star-studded ceremony took place on Monday 27 November at London’s Grosvenor House, a JW Marriott Hotel on London’s Park Lane hosted by TV presenter Cat Deeley, alongside HJ’s executive director, Jayne Lewis-Orr. More than 1,500 of the top hairdressing talent from across the country attended the awards, which is a celebration of the most creative and technically-gifted hairstylists in Britain.

Each entrant must submit a series of images demonstrating not only their technical dexterity, but their creative vision and comprehension of current trends. Looks must be wearable and beautiful, as well as pushing the boundaries and limitations of hairdressing to showcase the pinnacle of a hairstylist’s creativity. Finalists are then judged, twice, by a panel consisting of hairdressing legends, leading national beauty press and past winners of the awards who have since joined the British Hairdressing Awards Hall of Fame; an accolade presented to those who win the same category on more than three occasions.

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Dec 042017 Gossip

parrucchiere svegliati

Forse non hai ancora capito che oggi il tuo lavoro non è sostenuto dalla gran parte delle Aziende e tu invece continui a sostenerle e per le tue difficoltà dai la colpa alla crisi.

Su nessun mezzo di comunicazione si trova la moda-capelli del momento: i vari media pubblicano solo articoli di prodotti di uso privato e moda-capelli fai da te.

DEVI COMINCIARE A PUBBLICIZZARE IL TUO LAVORO DA SOLO e NON SOLO USANDO FACEBOOK. Le opportunità sono molte, basta scegliere tra tv, radio, giornali nazionali e locali, riviste di settore, depliant, siti internet, blog, etc.

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Dec 042017 Gossip

globelife mahogany

In their Salon Seminar, the MAHOGANY ARTISTIC TEAM, presented their stunning new collection Curve Linear to sell-out audiences.

Inspired by a fusion of the architecture of Zaha Hadid, the sculptures of Henry Moore and Joanna Lumley’s iconic Purdy in The Avengers, they showcased couture creations that could easily be diluted for salon clients. “this is couture work that can be adapted to tone down and neutralise the colour palette”, explained head of colour Tai Walker, while artistic director Antony Licata added: “It’s up to you to commercialise them by making them softer, but you are all techniques we are currently using in our salons.”

A broad spectrum of colours from bellini blondes to navy-infused charcoals complemented the curved-lines of the cuts, with halo panels and focal points around the perimeter adding depth and drama. Cuts showcased the head-hugging shapes that MAHOGANY are famed for, but with soft C-shaped panels, while disconnected lenghts were worn with natural texture to give a feminine softness to the creations.

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