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Sep 112015 Gossip

Universo Capelli

Domenica 11 e Lunedì 12 ottobre 2015 – 14:30/17:30
Regione Santa Maria 16, – Pezzana (Vercelli)

Nouvelle Collection 2015 Paris

Presentazione delle nuove collezioni Autunno/Inverno 2015-2016 con un workshop visivo “step by step” su modelle. Protagonista dell’evento l’Hairstylist di fama internazionale CHRISTOPHE ADRIC !


Assieme allo stilista sarà possibile approfondire le conoscenze acquisite e metterle in pratica insieme.

Universo Capelli Universo Capelli

costo: € 80,00 + iva
con una quota entra tutto il Salone !

per info: UNIVERSO CAPELLI Tel. 0161319698
email: universocapelli@globelife.com

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Sep 102015 Gossip

Salon International

10-12 October ExCeL London

The Fellowship for British Hairdressing will once again be taking its place on the exhibition floor at Salon International, bringing with it the crème de la crème of its membership for all to see and enjoy.

With a daily line-up including the likes of F.A.M.E Team 2015, Karine Jackson Artistic Team, Alan d Junior Student Artistic Team, ghd Artistic Team, Charlotte Mensah, Junior Green, Michelle Griffin Artistic Team, Hooker & Young, Robert Masciave, Chris Foster, Debbie G, ClubStar Art Team and Peter Prosser Art Team, there is something for everyone, whatever your interest or specialism.

Salon International
Performing live on the catwalk, some of the world’s best creative teams will share the ideas and inspiration behind their latest collections

Salon International
These educational sessions are a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the best creative teams around the world

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Sep 092015 Gossip

Luigi Buratti

Luigi Buratti

Attualissimo e un po’ hipster il look che ALESSANDRO BORGHI, attore protagonista del film di Caligari, ha sfoggiato alla 72esima mostra del cinema di Venezia ! Proprio in questi giorni si stanno alternando sul red carpet dell’antica Repubblica marinara VIP provenienti da tutto il mondo. In questo caso è l’hairstylist LUIGI BURATTI ad aver firmato lo stile dell’acconciatura del bravissimo Alessandro: il noto parrucchiere, a capo di tre saloni nel nord Italia (Biella, Borgomanero e Maggiora in provincia di Novara) e di un franchising in piena espansione, ha deciso di giocare con le textures donando un effetto “wet” e aderente sulle tempie mentre ha destrutturato le lunghezze sulla sommità del capo.

Luigi Buratti

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Sep 072015 Gossip

MakeUp in NewYork

MakeUp in NewYork 9 & 10 September 2015
Penn Plaza Pavilion
New York Penn Station

During the whole afternoon of next September 9, the conference room of MakeUp in NewYork will be in the colors of Italy. It is only natural when you know what the entire make-up sector owes to the industry of this country. An appointment, which should on no account be missed. Economically, according to the Beauty Report recently produced by Cosmetica Italia, the value of the production of the Italian cosmetics industry, is of 9.352 million euros, and has registered in 2014 an increase of 0.8% over the previous year, despite the uncertainties of the internal market. The total turnover of the Italian industry is close to 14 billion euros, with a recovery trend in 2014 of more than 2 percent, confirmed by forecasts for the year 2015, which is expected to close with a positive rate close to 3%. To note that in 2014 the United States was the number one destination of Italian cosmetics after France, Germany and the United Kingdom, with a +16% growth rate for a value equal to 249 million euros.

A dynamic industrial fabric
Reflecting the Italian industry in general, the sector dedicated to the production of make-up formulations or to full service is made up of family-owned SMEs. Many of them are located in the region of Crema about 40 miles south of Milan. In the cosmetic field and more particularly in formulation, the Italian industry is recognized worldwide for both its innovative capacity and level of service, all of which allowed the cosmetic industry “Made in Italy” to make a name for itself on both traditional markets and emerging markets. Most of these companies are located in an area between Crema and Cremona Fashion has a great influence on the Italian market. And new fashion trends, the importance of colors, have changed the way people buy and have also brought changes in the distribution of products. All these topics will be addressed during this afternoon of conferences.

Special “Made in Italy” conference
2:00pm – 4:00 pm: The Italian economy of Beauty… State of play! Milan and its region at the heart of the make-up dynamics.

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Sep 042015 Gossip

Ssh !

Save the date for Sunday 15th & Monday 16th November 2015 – Ssh! Australia is back in all it’s enchanting glory and maintaining the underground vibe that intrigued so many. Once again led by the indomitable trio of Emiliano Vitale, Benni Tognini and Robert Lobetta, in 2015 the event brings together an extraordinary array of creatives from Australia, the UK, Scotland, Spain and the US – identities who are synonymous with influencing innovation, creative design and direction, and pure wizardry in the art of hair.

Ssh! Australia 2015 is proud to introduce:

• Jason and India Miller – Charlie Miller – Scotland
• Dover Palmer & Faye Turner – Mazella & Palmer – London
• X-Presion – Spain
• Caterina Di Biase – Heading Out Hair & Beauty – Australia
• Brad Ngata – Brad Ngata Hair Design – Australia
• Robert Lobetta – U.S.A.
• Benni & Jules Tognini – Tognini’s – Australia
• Emiliano Vitale & Lisa Muscat-Vitale – é SALON – Australia

Says Emiliano, “We amplified education on a neutral platform by presenting a collective of incomparable creatives and in 2015 we are excited to be giving our industry something different again with international teams we believe will truly impact our industry with their other-worldly ingenuity and originality; there’s definitely something for everyone!”

Benni TogniniBrad NgataCaterina Di BiaseEmiliano Vitale & Lisa MuscatJules Tognini

Dove Plamer & Faye TurnerJason & India MillerRobert LobettaX-Presion

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Sep 032015 Gossip

Cosmopack International Business Forum & Exhibition

Cosmopack International Business Forum & Exhibition
al New York Hilton Midtown hotel il 16 e 17 settembre 2015.

Cosmopack International Business Forum & Exhibition coinvolgerà le più importanti aziende internazionali della filiera produttiva della cosmesi, i buyer e i distributori specializzati del mercato americano, offrendo la possibilità di partecipare a incontri B2B, volti a creare nuove opportunità di business nei settori contract manufacturing, macchinari e tecnologia, packaging primario e secondario e materie prime. Il ricco calendario di approfondimenti fornirà ai distributori e alle aziende partecipanti informazioni e aggiornamenti sull’evoluzione del mercato beauty, con particolare attenzione alle opportunità di business negli USA, da sempre osservatorio privilegiato per tendenze e novità e che le ultime ricerche di settore descrivono come il mercato più importante del settore, con interessanti tassi di crescita.

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Aug 312015 Gossip

Ssh! protagonists - Emiliano Vitale, Robert Lobetta & Benni TogniniSsh! 2014

A gathering of the industry’s most ubiquitous luminaries delivered the message of Ssshhh! for the first time in November 2014, coming together in a spirit of joining a neutral platform to collaborate creatively, inspire artistry and contribute to global hairdressing. The incredible artistic teams – led by the trio of Emiliano Vitale, Benni Tognini and Robert Lobetta – hailed from Australia, the US, the UK and Spain, fuelling the creative passion in those who were captivated enough to attend an event appealing to a cross-generational demographic.

Save the date for Sunday 15th & Monday 16th November 2015 – Ssh! is back – albeit with a revamped moniker but still in all it’s enchanting glory and maintaining the underground vibe which intrigued so many – a secret venue, teasingly playful social media campaign and most importantly, an incomparable new line up of superstar artists. In 2015, the event brings together an extraordinary array of creatives from Australia, the UK, Scotland, Spain and the US – identities who are synonymous with influencing innovation, creative design and direction, and pure wizardry in the art of hair. According to Benni “The whole focus of Ssh! has been to fuse passion, unity, legends of the industry and raw talent to provide our audience the ultimate in creative inspiration.” “In 2015 we have gathered another awe-inspiring group of incredibly distinctive artists – we’re certain this new mix of creatives will again showcase something that challenges everyone who attends with regards to how they think about hair!”

Ssh! promises once again to deliver an experiential experience for professionals in the hair, makeup, fashion and design arenas; a concept daring in it’s approach and delivery which is by the hairdresser for the hairdresser.

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Aug 282015 Gossip


JAMES TRAINING CENTER, Reggio Emilia – 14 settembre, ore 13.30 – 16.00

Il team di parrucchieri formatori della James Academy presenterà una “Capsule Collection” dedicata a look inediti A/I 2015-16 creati on stage attraverso la definizione di un vero e proprio “progetto beauty” sulla modella.Un appuntamento esclusivo dove creatività e tecnica si fondono per dar vita ad un Seminar Visivo innovativo e contemporaneo ricco di emozioni ed ispirazioni. Un condensato di stimoli per i professionisti, un’occasione per conoscere i principali segreti del metodo James e le sue tecniche creative da proporre con facilità nel proprio salone.

Sede del corso:
Via P. e M. Curie, 1/A
42122 – Reggio Emilia

Per informazioni e iscrizioni tel. 0522 337583.

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Aug 282015 Gossip


La popolare Central Saint Martins, in Granary Square, Londra, ospiterà l’edizione britannica dell’Hair on Stage 2015. Il 13 Settembre, lo spazio accoglierà più di 250 parrucchieri, personaggi illustri del settore e membri della stampa professionale, che si incontreranno per una notte dedicata alla più raffinata creatività firmata DAVINES, brand haircare che fa della sostenibilità e dell’impegno per l’ambiente i suoi valori chiave.

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Aug 262015 Gossip


The globally renowned Allilon Education team has held a seminar in the heart of Athens, Greece to showcase its educational skills alongside the Davines sustainable haircare line. Allilon Education co-founder, Johnny Othona, and Director and Men’s Hair Specialist, Jonathan Corby, along with Colour Director Madeleine Murphy embarked on a five-day trip to Athens to deliver the seminar and then a two-day class on primary work and advanced disconnection.

The two-day course was attended by students, and involved demonstrations, lectures and hands-on workshops. Designed to introduce any stylist to the world of primary disconnection, the course helps them establish when, why and how disconnection is used. The Allilon Education team then presented its latest collection – Okafor.

Says Johnny Othona, Director, Allilon Education: “Allilon Education firmly believes in profiling the brand globally to spread the Allilon philosophy far and wide. We love meeting new people and experiencing different cultures and it helps our brand maintain sustainability in the current climate. We learn something new on every trip and look forward to returning to the London salon to distill our knowledge with the team.”


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