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Dec 132017 Gossip

haircollection PatrickCameron


Patrick’s new show, ‘Easy Classics’ comprises ten looks, divided into two sections. The first consists of six timeless classics inspired by iconic hairstyles achieved with new foundations that are very easy to replicate.The second section has four brand new techniques especially designed for everyday use in the salon and inspired by the simple ponytail, a recurrent classic favourite of the fashion runways, effortless and stylish.

Ph: Marco Erbi
Make up: Alison Chesterton
Couture: Marco Erbi


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    Dec 122017 Gossip

    haircollection SilasTsang&DorothyTsang


    Hair movement is a natural quality which highlights the unique characteristics of each hairstyle. This collection was inspired by hair motion and illustrates the fluidity and volume of hair in the absence of gravity.

    Collection: Movement
    Ph: John Rawson @
    Make-up: Paco Puertas
    Clothes Designs: Serena Shonuc


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      Dec 112017 Gossip

      HAIRCOLLECTION MarkHayes&TheInternationalCreativeTeam


      Today’s fashion has a uniquely eclectic and individualist approach with designers talking inspiration from an amazing array of source material that creates an aesthetic that references nostalgia but is not tied down by history. Vintage seventies prints and rebellious leather jackets, vivid sequinned tops alongside folksy embroidered denim area revival of dressing up with an individual, innovative spirit. It’s this uniquely diverse and nonconformist approach that has inspired the Je-Jeune Collection by Sassoon Academy.

      Collection: Je-Jeune
      Ph: Benjamin Vnuk
      Make-up: Daniel Koleric
      Styling: Lucie Perrier


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