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Sándor Szél (Figaro Team)Sándor Szél (Figaro Team)

“My most recent works are improvisations. Both hair styles were prepared on the day when the photos were taken, further developing my first ideas, on two consecutive days. I used a gel for the first hair, then created the final form using a wide toothed comb, leaving the natural shape of the hair at other places. For the second hair, I used a twisting technique on the scalp, and the remaining hair was straightened. As always, I have not used any supports or spare parts. I performed the afterwork of the images based on my recently completed video entitled “Inception” “.

Hair: Sándor Szél (Figaro Team) – HU
Collection: Inception
Ph: János Köntös
Make-up: Anna Szemeti
Model: Anna Szemeti, Henriett Marczinkó
Background photography: Gabor Csirmaz
Image manipulation: Sándor Szél ( Figaro Team )


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