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May 262015 Gossip

mercato cinese

The Chinese cosmetics market is the third in the world with a spending up to $ 26 billion per year. So there are many opportunities in this market in China. Here are 7 steps to be established in the Chinese market of cosmetics.

  • 1. Study the market:
    Before establishing into any market, you have to study it. First, we must see what appeals the Chinese people: in the field of cosmetics, the Chinese do not have the same desires and demands that the Western people.
  • 2. Product Registration:
    It is imperative to register its products before exporting them. For this, there are some essential steps as designating a Chinese REP and declare to the SFDA. Then there is testing to check the products and a license is issued.
  • 3. Identify distributors at trade shows:
    To settle in China, we must find distributors: they will sell your products to a store for consumers and they will buy. Trade shows exist in the world with as main theme, cosmetics. There are suppliers, retailers and distributors from around the world. To find a distributor we can try to locate it on a show dedicated to cosmetics.
  • 4. Invest in brand awareness in China:
    A brand in China only work if it is known and has notoriety. Indeed, the Chinese prefer brands that are known and trusted rather than the new brands that nobody knows to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • 5. Use social networks to create a community:
    To become famous, we can use social networks to create a community. A community is a group of people who follow the news and events of a brand, and they are loyal people.
  • 6. Facilitate distribution network:
    Animating a distribution network will allow to facilitate distribution process and to increase sales.
  • 7. Check on copies or excesses of certain distributors:
    China as we know is used to copy a lot of things whether products or concepts. Therefore, we have to check that no product is copied or looks too close to something we did. So we have to regularly check the new products of our competitors.

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