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Jun 192009 Gossip


INTERVIEW WITH MR. NICOLAS HIERONIMUS (Worldwide President L’Oréal Professional Products Division)

1. What will the relation between L’ORÉAL and the HAIRDRESSERS be in the future? “The best inspiration for the future is to continue the relationship between L’ORÉAL and Hairdressers as we were born with hairdressing. When L’ORÉAL was founded in 1909, the first clients were hairdressers and since then we have got them in our blood and DNA. We believe that the future of beauty will be in the professional sector an d that consumers will request more and more professional services , therefore training and great products are and will always be crucial for professionals. We know that hairdressers will be able to promote beauty and the reason why we are so devoted to work with them is that they make us improve since they are very demanding , they work with our products every day, forcing and motivating us to create the best products. For this reason, we are definitely very dedicated to find new areas of development, new visions and, of course, to provide them with the best innovations.” 2. Speaking of hairdressers and consumers, is there still room for the proposal of new services or must hairdressers aim at consumer fidelity programs? “There ‘s room for both of them. Thanks to the constant progress of technology, there are many areas of creativity for new services. In Kérastase we have just launched a hair slimming service, which is called Oléo Relax Slim, a technical product that can only be applied by hairdressers , that in fact slims the hair down, it is recommended for women who have too much volume and want to reduce it. Other areas of services involve men. A fantastic market since men are more and more interested in beauty. We are developing this market and last year we launched L’Oréal Professionnel Homme: a professional line for men’s hair. What makes this line very interesting is for example COVER 5, which can blend away grey hair in 5 minutes, and make men look younger in a natural way. At the same time we know that women going to salons are very interested in fidelity programs. The hairdressers want them to come back as frequently as possible so they are very excited about motivating them to do so. In view of the above I can only encourage hairdressers to develop more fidelity programs for their salons.” 3. Speaking about communication : How will your company spread the fashion messages and concept you want to convey to women? “There are many ways to diffuse beauty inspiration. For example we invited tv networks to last night show in order to increase the interest in the professional world. In addition we are investing a lot in PR activities, consumer press and internet to promote not only the great quality and superiority of our products but also the inspiration of professional beauty.”

Interviste ai grandi protagonisti del 1° SYMPOSIUM PROFESSIONALE in occasione del Centenario di Oréal Professionnel.

8-9 Giugno 2009 – Paris (France)
Intervista Aldo Coppola – Centenario L’Oréal Professionnel
Intervista Jean-Luc Minetti by Alexandre De Paris – Centenario L’Oréal Professionnel
Intervista ad Aldo Coppola Hairstylist – Italy Intervista a Jean-Luc Minetti per Alexandre De Paris – France
Intervista Raffel Pages – Centenario L’Oréal Professionnel
Intervista Julien Barraux – Centenario L’Oréal Professionnel
Intervista a Raffel Pages Hairstylist – Spain Intervista a Julien Barraux Direttore Marketing L’Oréal Professionnel Europa – France
Intervista a Monica Coppola – Centenario L’Oréal Professionnel
Intervista a Monica Coppola Hairstylist – Italy  
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